Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just When I Thought

Just when I thought that I had nothing to write about, I found myself writing. What, I thought, am I going to scribe about on such an occasion. You see, I am writing such material because I just want to write. It is not always easy for me to write stories, or even sense for that matter. I don't even know who my audience is. I was given a marvelous idea by Judd the other day. If I perceive my problem to be a lack of stories to write about, how about picking a theme that can be returned to whenever I feel that lacking feeling? A nice idea.
Today I was feeling a little less glum. The high desert was cloudy and in the young 30's. The wind was blowing to the northeast where there were high cirrus clouds. This told the weather tale of it getting nicer - low pressure system to the NE sucking air from where I stood and filling the void several hundred miles away. As the day moved from a.m to p.m the skies cleared and the temperature rose. But, as we all know, that doesn't matter if there is a wind. There was a wind.
I was stuck in my head as I walked from camp to camp talking to kids. A little ironic as I must have just said to at least six kids that they need to focus more on their 'hard skills' - which are the 'doing' skills, apposed to reading and writing, the 'soft skills' - to get out of their heads and into their bodies! I need to focus on the hard skills in life a little more. I wasn't feeling particularly challenged in my job, I dwelled. It's nice and all, but the classroom experience is something I have always enjoyed. Not to worry, I assured myself, this too shall pass and the next thing that destiny has lined up will be in-front of me before I know it. I can't be rushing things just yet. I need to experience this environment in a few more seasons. The fact that it's the middle of winter and I spend 6 to 7 hours a day wondering around a sage desert has somewhat of an affect on my glumness.
This is a good lesson to me. It has taught me to listen to me more and ignore the people that are telling me what to do.

To Come: More.


Anonymous said...

This anny mouse wishes to remain "anny mouse"
Thanks for the thoughts, of which you share
you pattern is wide as are your potential surroundings
keep blog log going

Dick said...

Moods come and moods go, all too often midlessly drifting through one's mind-maze. Who knows what thought will next intrude? For answers, think of Zen and the art of managing your mind. Perhaps we can explore these thoughts when next we meet.

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