Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nothing Happened Today

The funniest thing happened today. I became aware that I am really someone else. It’s really baffling how this could have gone on for so long unchecked, but somehow it just slipped right on by. The first clue was people getting frustrated with me because they were apparently talking to me, addressing me, and I was not responding. They would bring it to my attention, and I would just scoff in response, as I felt they were daft. I am not the kind of person who would do something like that! It then occurred to me that the people giving me feedback on my behavior were very unfamiliar to me. That’s odd, I went on, why would an apparent stranger talk to me as if they’ve known me for years? I see. There is no me. No you. No one in-between. There is only a middle with a small protrusion where the handle used to be. Fine, as long as we are all coming from the same direction, there are no problems, no conclusions, and nothing to argue about. We all seem to understand what we need (to understand, that is). It is very important that instead of striving for agreement we rather collectively aim to just understand one another’s warped perspectives. I believe that is the crux of a successful media conglomerate’s success.
Now, I have been sure for years that there is one place that we all go to when we are not here. I am not referring to something like a “heaven” or “hell” or any of those more commonly thought of end-of-life destinations. The place and time that I am thinking of is something attached to the field we currently experience. The field that makes us what we are. Not the matrix or energy field or universal connectivity. But perhaps something more like a plateau. A plateau that extends its surface to where there is no longer a need to be anything. A place where all the pieces are found out to be distinctly separate, contain no value, assume no dimension, and don’t have a beginning nor an end. It’s a little puzzling at first, but if there were such a place, would you too not think it likely that we are living that in our daily lives? Along with that burning log, the flashing light, the stoic fragment of volcanic rock, the ringing in our ears…along with all the other things that you might be able to think of.
What comes to mind when I think of the above last sentence is all the things that I might think of. Here’s a short list:

  • Portable devices left in the seat pocket of DC-10 aircraft in the mid-to-late ‘80’s.
  • Comfortable ways to cross your legs.
  • Thoughts a rock might have.
  • Discarded tealeaves, which, if read, contain the winning PowerBall numbers.
  • Seldom remembered pieces of notebook paper.
  • Imprints on the back of fifteen envelopes.
  • Things that are of importance to other people that you never realized were even things.
  • Such a list.

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Dick said...

A good list, like a majestic iceberg, entices one to look beneath the surface, to expand and explore, to search for hidden treasure. A wonderful teaser waiting for a curious mind.

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