Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All the Time

Mountains all the time. Some go up and some go down. Here they continue to go up, for the most part. Some are currently going up at a rate of an inch per year. If we wait a little geologic time, and most likely a very little geologic time, they will spurt and spoof hot stuff. I'll have to check-in with future generations.
There seems to be little bustle around pending catastrophe. I guess that's somewhat akin to being bitter. The main difference is that the former is in the future and the latter is in the past. However, if it is all just a cycle then what's the real difference anyway? Both bitterness and obsession over pending doom are not helpful to the daily passage. I like passage because it implies something that is continuous yet the off-shoots lead to equally reasoned unknowns.

It seems to me that the future is a spiral, not a circle. When I think of a spiral the image that comes to mind is not a Slinky. It's the lines that would be made by a spinning-top point that was drawing a picture with it's point. The size and direction of the spiral would change as it spun from the initial thrust. The shapes would be relatively consistent, barring the last few moments. As the momentum suddenly runs out the spinning-top would shoot-out a final boost before falling. That line would be lengthier than the diameter of the last several rounds, and form an S-shape before reconsolidating into small circular motions and falling over. Where are we on that continuum?

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Anonymous said...

Hey its nice to find you writting again. The word on the streets is not good reguarding the tampon supply for squirrels and the stash of nuts is also getting low. The rat of the trees are restless and yet flurries continue to rain. Is green still your favorite color of golf balls?